Thursday, March 14, 2013


My son was thrilled when we found this slip-n-slide at our local Costco last week. He ran up to my husband practically shouting, "Daddy! Look! We gotta get this! Our old one ripped, right? Plus, its super hot out, right dad?!?" We had to laugh...he was so animated, even total strangers found it cute. We've had various slip-n-slides over the years. Our favorites have three lanes, a splash pool of some kind at the end, and inflatable "rafts" to use while sliding. This particular one is great fun, as the splash pool at the end is more substantial than some we've had. It seems more durable too. That's the one thing about this kind of toy-with all the use, they eventually rip. We generally go through 2-3 in a year (we use them from Spring through Fall). My solution is to use Duck Tape to fix them (put the tape on the bottom after it dries), but that only works so many times before it just has to be replaced.  We've already used it twice and the kids are loving it. Plus, it was really reasonably priced (gotta love Costco!). I plan to pick up an extra one next week and store it away. Slip-n-slides support BODYsmart, PEOPLEsmart, and NATUREsmart. Have fun!


  1. Kids are just like that! They want to have a lot of toys for lots reason because they will boost their confidence to do what they want and to socialize better with their playmates, it also serves as a additional bonding with family. Like my little boy, he have seen different kinds of slide and bouncers but he choose a
    Jumping Castle Hire Brisbane that he truly enjoys! What he likes the most is the thematic design of the blasts beside the castle. It is a fun loving activity.

  2. Yes, bounce houses are always a big hit with the kids, and a fun way to get the whole family playing outside!